Margaret Green Animal Rescue

This weekend my mum’s cousin came down to visit. On saturday we went to Kimmerage Bay, on the way back we noticed an animal rescue centre in the middle of a little village called Church Knowle.

I was a bit hesitant about going in as I thought it was going to be in someone’s back garden however, it turned out to be a nice little distraction.

It turned out to be a smallholding run by a local charity. They rescue and rehome all sorts of animals and have various farm animals dotted about around as well as a cattery and rabbit house.


Apple the pig welcomed us at the entrance which was nice, she is a Kune kune pig and liked a good scratch behind the ear.

Sisters Marina and Pearl were next. They were very friendly and also liked a good petting. Despite the horns, they were very gentle animals and I did consider smuggling them out with me, however, I decided they were too big to hide under my jacket.

Marina and Pearl

Pearl (or Marina) the Goat at Margaret Green's Animal Rescue

There were some ponies and chickens next but they were otherwise engaged so didn’t have time to chat. However, the beautiful and photogenic Thelma did avail herself to us (her friend Wilf was elsewhere).

Thelma the pig at Margaret Green's Animal Rescue

Thelma the pig at Margaret Green's Animal Rescue

Upon our return to the front gate, Apple the pig was busy eating fallen leaves so we left her to it. All in all a very worthy charity and a nice little interlude.

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