Making Christmas Puddings!

It’s been a very grotty day today weather wise so I decided to make my Christmas puddings. Last year I used The Hairy Biker’s recipe and it was a huge success with the family, so this year I’m doing the same recipe but with a few tweaks of my own. Here’s what I did….


3.5oz brown bread (blitzed in a blender)
4fl oz Guiness
1 shot of cream sherry
1 shot of brandy
2 eggs, beaten
3.5fl oz sunflower oil
4oz wholemeal flour
3.5oz brown sugar
2oz chopped almonds
1 handful of pecan nuts
12 glacé cherries
4 tsp mixed spice
1/2 tsp freshly grated nutmeg
7oz raisins
10 1/2oz sultanas
10 pitted dates
1 lemon
1 orange
1 tsp salt
1 eating apple, chopped
butter, for greasing


Place the blitzed breadcrumbs in a large mixing bowl. Pour out the Guiness and add to the breadcrumbs. Mix together.

Xmas pudding Xmas pudding Xmas pudding

Beat the eggs and add to the mixing bowl along with the oil and sugar. Mix well.

Xmas pudding Xmas pudding

Chop the dates and pecan nuts into chunky pieces and add to the bowl.

Xmas pudding Xmas pudding

Add the zest of both the orange and lemon. Measure out the rest of the ingredients bar the apple, orange and cherries and add to the bowl.

Xmas pudding Xmas pudding Xmas pudding Xmas pudding

Stir well, allowing every member of the family to have a stir, making a wish as they do it (it’s lucky).

Xmas pudding

Peel and chop the apple and orange into small cubes and add to the mixture along with the glacé cherries. Stir well.

Xmas pudding Xmas pudding

Butter two one pint pyrex bowls (or one two pint bowl). Spoon the mixture in and cover with two pieces of greaseproof paper and one piece of foil (allow for some expansion). Tie the cover on with some string, making a little handle with the string in the process. This enables easy removal of the bowl from the heat.

Xmas pudding Xmas pudding Xmas Pudding

Cook in a steamer for two hours.

Xmas pudding

Leave to cool and put in the fridge for Christmas Day. On the day, steam for 30 minutes or remove lid and microwave until steaming hot. Turn out the pudding from the bowl and cover with flaming brandy. Serve immediately with thick cream or brandy butter.

Xmas Puds 4

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