Garden Deforestation

As the garden has been so wet this year I decided the garden needed more access to any available light. This meant that some severe pruning of the shrubs along the west side of the garden. It was a difficult decision as I enjoy the privacy the shrubs provide but it had to be done.


 It took several hours to do but I managed to cut the hedge down to a third of the height. It looks extreme but it will grow back next year albeit to a managable height.


Not only has the garden got more light now but I also have a decent wood pile I can ultimately use as firewood but for now will act as a great place for all manner of wrigglies to overwinter in.


About James

I am a keen forager, gardener, cook and metal detectorist. I enjoy growing my own veg, using my smoker, foraging for all manner of flora and fungi and just love getting out in the wild.
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